What to do

Hiking and Walking

Take a day and wander the hillside paths between villages. Discover hidden areas of Thassos like the Apostolou Waterfalls, or the turn-of the century German mine (dating from 1903).


The oldest settlement on the island, Castro is 12 km from Limenaria, set back into the forest at a height of 500 meters above sea level. Going by car, you can take the new asphalt road from Limenaria. An alternative route takes you via the Apostolon waterfalls. The landscape is lovely – a cool and green forest of pine and plane trees, with stretches of olives groves as well. This is a true sample of the island’s natural beauty.


Kazaviti is one of the most well-preserved examples of traditional architecture on Thassos. Starting out from the central square («platia»), you can choose from one of the several paths that wind throughout the village and surrounding areas. These walks take you through cool forested trails before ending up at a small outdoor church with a panoramic view.


Theologos is the old Capital of the island, and features traditional stone mansions and steep stone streets, perfect for rambling and photography. You can also visit the small museum to catch a glimpse of Thasos’s past. A wide network of trails starts from here, taking the visitor in several directions around the southern part of the island. Favorite destinations include the historic stone bridge, the watermill and waterfall, and the uphill climb to the ruins of the old village of Pollites. (More information: https://thassos-nature.gr)


Thassos is a biker’s destination, with something for everyone. Road riders can build their own route of any length by setting out along the coast road. Mountain bikers can choose from the many trails that criss-cross the island, ascending and descending through forest paths that are full of break areas and panoramic viewpoints. Bike rentals are available from various locations on the island. (More information: www.mtb-thassos.com )


Many choices await you close to the hotel. The beaches of Metallia, Tripiti, Pefkari, Potos, and Psili Ammos are all within a short distance. If you want something further away, drive to Alikes and find beaches that look up towards the Archangel Michael Monastery.


Take a walk through the Metallia area and explore one of the most beautiful beaches on Thassos. 100 years ago this area was known for its mining and smelting, but now it has become a destination for visitors looking for something special. The sandy shores and blue-green waters are punctuated with hundreds of artworks and natural formations, making it a photographer’s dream to explore. For a change of pace, you can drive up to the Archangel Michael Monastery, whose holy artifacts include a vast collection of swords, and a piece of one of the nails used to bind Jesus to the Cross. The beautifully-kept nunnery is perched on a cliffside, with a stunning view of the Aegean. In the village of Panagia, you can visit the church with its collection 14th - 17th century icons, and see the banner of Richard the Lionhearted. For a glimpse of ancient Thassos, go to Limena (dating from 700 BC) to see the ancient theater, built in the 5th century BC.


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